Turning Your Ideas Into Wooden Treasures!

Looking for a gift that will leave your special someone speechless? We can design a gift with them as the focal point. Was your first date memorable and involve a manatee? How about a hand carved manatee that bumps into a pier post over and over again?  Do they like snowmobiling and draught beer? How about a carved snowmobile rider beer tap handle?  Do they love a certain quote? We can hand carve those words and turn them into a beautiful work of art. A first house, a wedding day, a favorite sport, a favorite place or just about anything you can think of can be turned into a legacy quality piece of art that will thrill them every time they see it. Let us assist you in giving the gift that will provide smiles for years and years, decades or even generations.

At HipShot, we can turn your ideas into lasting wooden memories. It is always our pleasure and privilege to get to be a part of marking significant moments in your lives. The Folk style wedding pie topper for a couple in New York is a favorite example. A wooden teddy bear for a five year olds birthday, WOW, what a treat! The mascot for a U.S. Air Force retirement gift was a fun piece for us. Designing and creating, "Spreading The Word" was an honor and privilege. The list goes on and on and we Love creating those special, one of a kind gifts just for you.  Custom wood carvings are a great gift. Here are a few examples of the ideas you have given us the opportunity to create. Give us a shout and let's see what we can create together.

The Dragon

The Dragon measures 4' by 5' and is entirely hand carved. At the client's request we made and used all organic stains and finish. 

Protection, Courtesy, Service

It was a privilege and an honor to be commissioned by the University of Texas at Dallas Police Department to carve their badge (pictured on right). They wanted a legacy piece for their Department and we were privileged enough to create it. The framed piece in the officer's photo is their lineage and honors, framed next to the "Certificate of Authenticity" that we at HWC send with this commissioned wood carving.

I could not help but think about the sacrifices and service that police officers around the country make on a daily basis as I created this piece. I have to say that it was a humbling experience to create something that represents so much. To everyone associated with and all of the officers of the U.T. Dallas Police Department, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a small part of your organization. But most of all, Thank You for your Protection, Courtesy and Service!

"It looks great! Great job! Thanks so much." SF

We continue to hand carve Police badges for Law Enforcement Officers around the country. Each and every one we create is an honor and we treat it as such. The privilege of replicating an icon that holds such significance in our society makes us very, very proud. There are three examples pictured above.

Custom Designed Beer Taps

A custom designed beer tap for your basement bar or a micro brewery, we have done them all. Tiki's, Grizzly Bears and Lacrosse sticks have all been fashioned into custom beer taps complete with hardware. When you receive your new hand carved tap handle just screw it on and draw a cold one. Let us know the kind of beer tap handle you want and we will get carving. How about a totem pole beer tap handle?


An Apple For A Special Teacher

Do you have a special teacher in your life? I do!

This hand carved nameplate was created to commemorate my Daughter's graduation from university (I am very proud of her!!!). Now she will always have an apple for her desk. If you want to let that special teacher know just how special they are, let us know and we will work with you on an original and lasting to way to let them know how much they are appreciated.

A Folk Style Wedding "Pie" Topper

This piece was a joy to create. The question was, can you create a folk style wedding cake topper that looked like Grandpa carved it on the front porch? Well, yes we did! Based on a photo of the couple in their wedding attire, this cute couple are wearing those very duds. The groom was a great deal of help and my inspiration in creating the likeness of he and his lovely bride. We communicated daily throughout the process of creating them and made changes along the way to make them the darling pair they are today. By the way, I did say, wood carving and wedding pie... Congratulations A & C, you guys are wonderful!!!

"She LOVED it! It made her cry:)" CH

Custom Made Valet Box

Years ago he carved a heart into a tree for her. That heart has held a special place for both of them and now she has given the heart back to him.  Curly Maple and lined in blue velvet, this hand crafted, dovetail valet box is her very personal gift to him. Now they both have a heart given to the other as a token of their love. This unique box was created and hand carved in the HWC studio.

I unwrapped the treasure and have been rendered speechless, which isn't easy to do....it feels so very good, smells so very wonderful, and I can't elaborate on it's beauty, because that heart means more to me (US) than anyone else will know.  The ordinary might find that heart 'beautiful', for me it is beyond such a mere description. I cannot begin to thank you. 

How do you say, I Love You?

Down in Georgia, this young man said it in an old fashioned way with a modern twist. Initials carved into a tree that she can take anywhere she goes. From what we hear, she loved the way he chose to say, I Love You! Up in Illinois this gentleman chose a poem to add to the classic tree heart. How do you say it? We say it with wood carvings :)

Fifth Wedding Anniversary???

If you are looking for that fifth wedding aniversary gift of wood, we can make it a very special and personalized gift. Imagine your spouses reaction when they see a fifth anniversary gift designed and created just for them! Initials carved in a tree to hand carved signs expressing your love, we can help make this anniversary one both of you will always remember. A wood carving is the perfect fifth or fiftieth anniversary gift!

Nevada Highway Patrol

We are always proud of the pieces we create, but once in a while, one just stands out. This Nevada Highway Patrol badge is truly a special work of wood art. The carving detail and the golden color of the yellow poplar combine to beautifully represent this icon of dedication and service.  We always consider it a privilege to carve law enforcement badges and this one was definitely an honor to create. We are humbly proud to create the very special wood carvings.

"It is gorgeous! Thank you! I think this is the best gift I have ever obtained for him."  K.S. 

"McDonald's Arches"

The arches are an image known round the globe. It seems fitting that the Arches were hand carved from a beautiful piece of Cuban Mahogany, grown and harvested in the Republic of Palau, shipped to Guam, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Kentucky, Texas and ultimately Illinois. It is appropriate that an icon seen around the world should be depicted in wood that has been around the world. Once again, Brian demonstrates his talent and skill in turning raw wood into the wood carving his client envisioned. The artistic, yet accurate recreation of the McDonald's Golden Arches is a statement to the diligence of Brian and the HWC team. Contact us and we will artistically and accurately turn your company logo into an original work of wood art.

"Always Ready To Save"

His wife asked if we could create a firetruck bank for her firefighter husband's birthday. His favorite fire engine and his favorite number became the inspiration for this truly one of a kind gift of functional wood art. Carved from a solid piece of wood this 19" long custom pumper is equipped with a brass bumper, brass hand rails, an inset lock cylinder and felt lining. This original HWC firetruck bank is "Always Ready To Save".

"He is talking about how I should make it a tradition, and he already told me what he wants made next. So long story longer......he loves it! And it looks like we will keep you busy for the next few years!" KG

"Gwyrdd Dyn"

This thoughtful wife saved her hard earned money and commissioned us to create a greenman for her husband. She wanted a unique greenman as a gift for her husbands 50th birthday. Unlike our other greenman carvings, this piece is carved in the round. The eyes, Gwyrdd Dyn has the most intense eyes. His stare follows you around the room. Carved from a poplar log, this greenman is an original in design and style. Order your special someone a treasured gift that will be as unique and original as they are.

"Definitely a hit!" CC

"Spreading The Word"

The celebration of a beloved teacher and mentor's fifteen years of service was the catalyst for this very specific and special work. The students of this Theologian were taken by the concept of the Gretchen Wilson "27" piece and asked if we could create a different version. Brian designed and created "Spreading The Word" to honor and recognize fifteen tireless years of work by a teacher at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago with ideas and inspiration supplied by his students. We knew someone would want us to create a new "27" and it was a joy to create one for such a special person as Dr. W.


"Its Here and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!" JP


We create hand carved wooden signs to your specification or we will create the design you suggest. This sign now resides in Arizona and proudly hangs inside the house. Carved from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, this piece is as timeless as the quote it is based on. This is just one example of the many wood signs we have created. Let us make one just for you to let the world or just your neighbors know what is on your mind. If you want a sign to mark your rec room bar as "Your Name Here" Pub", or have your favorite quote on the wall, we can do it for you! Drop us an email and lets get creative...

"Got back from travel and the sign was waiting for me...I love it!  Only problem is, it is so nice, I couldn't bear to hang it outside......so, it is hanging in the house.  This will ensure I have it for years to come...thanks again!"


"The Love Of Theodore"

"The Love of Theodore" was commissioned by one loving sister to another, to memorialize the passing of a beloved canine companion. Theodore was a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and as you may know, I have a Ridgeback, Mr. Shakey. I also have experienced the loss of that one special dog that can never be replaced. Due to all those factors and more, this piece became a very poignant work of art that I felt deeply. There was a particular photo of Theodore that served as a driving inspiration and will forever be etched into my mind. This piece currently resides atop the ashes of the one and only, Theodore! The carving was created from Cuban Mahohgany and mounted on black marble.

"When I got the package I could not stop crying. That my sister would do that and to have the carving of Theodore was to much". C.S.

"Thanks for taking my project to heart I know it will always be something special for my sister".  N.K.

"Su Refugio"

This beautiful and spiritually significant piece of wood art was a moving and joyful experience to create. Commissioned to recognize an amazing act of kindness and selfless generosity, "Su Refugio" is the logo of a church being constructed in South America. The amazing couple receiving this sculpture as a gift have dedicated themselves and their resources to building a church for a small village of hard working people in Paraguay. "Su Refugio" is the churches logo and will serve as a permanent reminder of the joy they have brought to a deserving group of people. The base of the piece is African Mahogany and the crosses are Poplar.

"It is absolutely perfect. I am so excited to give it to them. The certificate you sent was such a nice added touch and so beautifully written".  JW

Went a Courtin

"Bob" serenades the bride to be and never sings off key. This unique wooden treasure was commissioned to commemorate the day, time and place that two people became engaged. The place the momentous question was asked happened to have a stone statue of a frog playing a guitar. The groom to be, contacted HWC to see if we could recreate that serenading frog as a gift for his fiance to be a lasting symbol of a very special moment. From a photo, Brian recreated this red cedar memory of that very special frog. I wish you both a joy filled marriage and may you never have a day without a happy song!

"No surprise here, but she loved it! You do amazing work." SK

One Of A Kind

This carving of Jesus demanded as much spiritual energy as it did physical energy. It was a joy to create for the special lady that commissioned it.

"I show it to everyone. Beautiful work." BS

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