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Hand carved wood sign

"Normal?" is a statement piece that provokes smiles and thought... This is a custom wood carving with attitude.  Ready to give the folks in your world something to smilingly think about?



Golden Cypress

Size: 9.5"T x 36"W x 1"D

Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.




classic woodcarving

Manus is created from the same American Sycamore tree as Athena. A male torso reminiscent of ancient Greek versions of the same. The Sycamore added depth of color and grain that serve to highlight this classic piece of wood sculpture.

Wood: American Sycamore                                                                                                                                                                                       Size: 16"T x 11.5"W x 9"D

Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.


Original greenman wood carving

Verdant is a classic green man carved of white cedar. His eyes will follow you around the room. This is a very special wood carving. We have decided that Verdant is only for sale to someone that REALLY wants him. In other words, we want to keep him. If you are that special someone who will appreciate Verdant as we do, write us for details on how to bring him home.

Wood: Clear White Cedar
Size: 13"T x 6"W x 3"D
Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.

"American Kestrel"

Original design woodcarving

"American Kestrel" is carved from an American Sycamore burl. This wood is from the same wood shown in Athena's Story on Our Story page. The stone base is large, impressive and beautifully. The stone is highlighted in an array of colors. The natural highlights provided by Mother Nature were left intact on this magnificent bird of prey.

Wood: American Sycamore

Size: 13"T x 15"L x 12"D and weighs 48 lbs.

Price: SOLD: This wood carving is owned by a private collector

"The Fox Totem"
carved wooden totem pole

The Fox Totem depicts three distinct characters topped by the intelligent and wily fox. This solid cedar totem pole is a show stopper. The three characters are boldly displayed and interwoven. The natural wood colors are intensely cedar. You will never grow tired of admiring this wood carving.

Wood: Cedar
Size: 42.25"T x 5.5"W x 5"D
Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.

"The Missing Link"

wood carving of green man

"The Missing Link" is a truly unique work of wood art. The merger of the affects of man and nature combine to provide this piece with extraordinary character and beauty. The simian features of the greenman seem to meld effortlessly with the greenery in which he resides. The moss green stains and chainsaw scars highlight the features of this variation of an age old classic. Greenmen need good homes too! Write us for details.

Wood: Apple

Size: 12"T x 11"W

Price: Contact us for details

"The Drifter"

driftwood wood carving

How interesting, funky, weird and how cool is that are just some of the responses to seeing "The Drifter". Another example of how Brian takes what the wood gives him. This piece screams original from its wide open mouth to the 14 karat gold hoop earring. This piece of driftwood from the Outer Banks of North Carolina hung out in our wood room for several years until recently when "The Drifter" wandered in to our mind's eye. The wood has incredible color and appears in many ways to resemble mahogany. This piece is a wood carving that will garner attention and spark conversation. Lock the doors, "The Drifter" has arrived.

Wood: Driftwood

Size: 34"T x 25"W

Price: Contact us for details

cigar store indian woodcarving

Cigar is carved in great detail both front and back. His tunic drapes around him like real cloth. Multiple wood stains enhance the look of an authentic cigar store Indian. This is a great gift for the cigar smoker in your life.

Wood: Locust
Size: 15.5"T x 3.75"W x 2.75"D
Status: This original wood carving is owned by a private collector

"The Look of War"

original native american wood sculpture

"The Look of War" is the first Native American style piece Brian has created in a couple of years. It was worth the wait as this piece is special. This is fully capable of being a stand alone work of wood art or a great addition to a Native American collection or decor. Order now and make this original wood carving yours.

Wood: Eastern Red Cedar

Size: 15.75"T x 6.5"W x 5"D

Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.

wood carving of wood ship masthead

"Windward" is designed after the historic mast heads on wooden sailing ships. Sculpted from red oak harvested from the mountains of eastern Kentucky this wood carving is exceptional. "Windward is mounted on a piece of century old poplar salvaged from a Bluegrass farm house. By sculpting this piece using the character of the wood grain Brian has added a dynamic visual impact to this work. This carving was a challenge due to the hardness of the wood and the intricacies in the design. Over 90 hours were used to create this one of a kind Kentucky treasure. If you missed your chance to own "Eagle In Flight", you have another opportunity to own a majestic bird sculpture. Don?t delay, this incredible woodcarving won?t last long. Click on the photo to see more of "Windward".

Wood: Red Oak mounted on century old Poplar.
Size: 15.25"L x 5.25"W x 5"T The base is 8" W x 15" Tall
Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.

"Sapient 729"
original walnut wood carving

Sapient 729 is hand carved, black walnut mounted on black walnut. This wood carving is a variation of Brian's sculpture titled "Wisdom, which is featured on the home page. Wisdom is in the private collection of country music artist, Gretchen Wilson.

Wood: Black Walnut

Size: 14"T x 5.5"W x 3.5"D
Status: Available for purchase. Contact us for info.

Woodcarving owned by Gretchen Wilson

Wisdom is a soulful wood carving with a somewhat haunting persona. The deep red hue is created with multiple coats of blended cherry wood stain. The owl is highlighted by the natural color of the wood. Brian makes every effort to use "what the wood gives me." Wood: Ash Size: 17.25"T x 4.75"W x 3"D Status: This wood carving is owned by a private collector

Custom woodcarving of Rocky

What an interesting and challenging piece. More of a wood sculpture than a wood carving, Rocky, is sculpted from the root of a Kentucky grown Red Oak. The root was given to me with some soil still attached. Shaped like the letter "C" it didn't look like much. After cleaning it and removing some of the wood, I discovered a stone in the center of the root. Using this stone as a focal point, I began to discover, Rocky. A gnarled knot in the center of the piece became the battered face and head of a prize fighter. Gloved fists upraised in triumph, with a heart of stone, this piece is unique. The grain pattern and color throughout are beautiful. Seeing is believing and everyone that sees Rocky can't help but hear the movie theme song in there mind. This piece is Gonna Fly Now.

Wood: Red Oak mounted on Black Granite
Size: 11.75"T x 8.5"W x 6"D
Status: In a private collection. A similar piece can be ordered on a commission basis. No two hand carved pieces are ever exactly the same. Wood carving style and technique will be the same but wood color and characteristics will be different.

Commissioned Works

Brian has clients in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Bermuda, Europe, Asia and Australia. He has created custom wood carvings for world famous musicians and actors, Fortune 500 company presidents, major corporations, hospitals, universities, cities and many more.  



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