Always Hand Carved

We hand carve original wood signs from your design or one we create for you. We do not own or use any computer carving machines or computer programmed machines. Every letter and image is carved into the wood with a trusted carving knife. The quality of a hand carved sign is obvious from a distance and improves with every closing step. Signs for your business or that special someone are just an email away.

Proud To Serve

Military woodcarvings

We are always humbled when members of the armed forces allow us to carve for them. It is a privilege to create images and icons that signify the loyalty, honor and sacrifice of  military insignia. We have been honored with this privilege many times and look forward to every one. May I offer our deepest thanks and heartfelt gratitude for all you do!



The "Wood of Kings"

Woodcarving from photograph

He owns a charter fishing boat and a new house. Now he has a sign worthy of a king to proclaim that this is his home. Carved from the "Wood of Kings", Cuban Mahogany, this sign displays the incredibly beauty of this regal wood. Through the skill of the artist and the glory of Mother Nature, this piece of wood appears to have the sun reflecting off the water (there is no stain added to the wood). Looking for that truly remarkable gift, Cuban Mahogany and HipShot Wood Carving has the answer.

A Sign Like No Other

hand carved wood sign

Set your business apart from the competition with a sign no one will forget. Your logo hand carved into a beautiful piece of wood makes the statement that your business is special. We can create a sign that will stop potential customers in their tracks.  While they enjoy the artistry of your company's name and image you gain valuable time to introduce yourself. The uniqueness of your hand carved wood sign is a statement that customers will notice and remember. A positive impression every time your sign is viewed is, priceless. Imagine the impact of your sign at the next trade show you attend, talk about a point of difference.

A Wedding Heirloom

wedding woodcarving

Celebrate that magic day with a memory that will last a lifetime. Hand carved and customized to commemorate that very special day for you and yours. This hand carved, one of a kind original work of art will be a lasting reminder of the day you said the words that made you the happy couple. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the special couple, we have the answer. Let us know how we can help you give a gift that will keep giving for years and years.

Rocky Mountain High

Wooden sign

This beautiful wooden sign was commissioned by their children to celebrate the graduation of the youngest child from high school and their new dream home. The homestead nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains needed a warm welcome and this original carving says Howdy to all who visit. This western motif sign was hand carved in Alaskan Yellow Cedar and currently graces the Dea Homestead in Colorado. Long may they enjoy their mountain home!

Famous Quotes

Wooden quote sign

Turn your favorite quote into a permanent work of wood art. The perfect gift for a loved one or a beautiful reminder to your self. Anyway you look at it, a hand carved wood sign will bring your favorite quote to life.

Let em Know it is Yours

Wood hand carved sign for home

Mark your territory or simply name your ranch. Nothing says it is mine like a hand carved sign with your name emblazened on it. At a loss as to what name your place? We can help with that too. How about, "The Ponderosa"???

Say it Loud: I LOVE YOU!

anniversary woodcarvings

Say it your way. We have carved a myriad number of ways to say, I Love You. All of them said it beautifully! Many of our clients write and tell us how their special someone shed tears of joy as they read their custom made wooden statement of Love. Tell us how you want to express yours. It will be the gift that never stops giving.

Just for FUN!!!

man cave wood carving

This place is FUN or at least the sign says it is. Wood signs can be as expressive as you are. Let your wild and crazy side announce to the world that a good time is here and now. Have some fun with art and share the FUN! 


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